Markou & Co LLC is a newly established (2005) Cyprus law firm founded on the extensive experience, enthusiasm and determination of its founder, Mrs Christiana Markou. After throwing away all of the negatives in the legal services domain and having built on the positives, the firm has opened its doors to serve the needs of its local and international clients as its founder has been doing successfully since 1999. The firm draws on a clear idea of the ideal lawyer-client relationship. Clients are therefore bound to always be content and confident that their matter is taken care of with diligence and professionalism by people who have knowledge and expertise.

Definition of Jurisprudentes

The term Jurisprudentes belongs to the Roman legal history and refers to scholars who were skilled in the law and were entrusted by the Emperor to expound the law.

“persons who have such a knowledge of the laws and customs which prevail in a state as to be able to advise, act and to secure a person in his dealings”, Cicero [212]

  • Work on your case will start immediately or the day following receipt of your instructions. If it can be done in, let us say, 2 days it will definitely be done and it won't take longer. No case will sit on our offices until later and for longer than it is absolutely necessary to be brought to an end.
  • Your case will be dealt with by the lawyer you have spoken or given instructions to and not by a different lawyer who is unknown to you and with whom you have never had the opportunity to discuss your case and requirements.
  • The full amount of our fees will always be communicated to you beforehand so as to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to proceed or not. There will be no further or hidden fees or expenses.
  • We will not take up your case unless we are 100% confident that we can deal with it speedily and effectively. If not, we will not experiment on you. We will simply refer you to an appropriate law practitioner or other professional.
  • We will always be accessible to you. If you write or call us, we will answer your call or reply to your email immediately or within 24 hours.
  • If what you need is legal research as opposed to legal advice, we will tell you so as this might have significant implications on fees.

If you choose to entrust us with your business, interests or affairs, we will be delighted to serve your needs in the unique and knowledgeable way that describes Markou & Co LLC.