Markou & Co LLC is a newly established (2005) Cyprus law firm founded on the extensive experience, enthusiasm and determination of its founder, Mrs Christiana Markou. After throwing away all of the negatives in the legal services domain and having built on the positives, the firm has opened its doors to serve the needs of its local and international clients as its founder has been doing successfully since 1999.

Our Services

Corporate & Commercial

Our office specializes in the incorporation of Cyprus companies and can deal with the matter speedily and effectively. If you want to proceed with the incorporation of a Cyprus company the soonest possible you are encouraged to use our Incorporate Fast Service.


We offer full & complete compliance of your organisation, indicatively:

  • Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy
  • Security of Processing
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Processor
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Data Portability
  • Suggestion of Measures
  • GDPR Manual
  • Guidance
  • Information


Our office can bring or defend all sorts of legal action before the Courts of Cyprus.

  • Money owed
  • Employment issues
  • Personal injury
  • Breach of contract
  • Negligence, defamation and other torts
  • Divorce and other family law issues
  • Product liability and enforcement of other consumer rights
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Recognition and/or enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Annulment of administrative acts, omissions or decisions … and many more

Intellectual Property

Cyprus has recently enabled the IP box creating a competitive environment for the research and development of the industry. Mainly by introducing new lower tax rates, our island became one of the most attractive jurisdictions for intellectual property revenues.

Our firm deals with all aspects of intellectual property, which is a fast developing area of law, mainly giving the right to inventors, authors, artists and designers to protect and decide how their inventions and/or creations are being used.

Personal Injury

In the event of personal injury, the victim has the right to claim damages or compensation not only for the medical and other out-of-pocket expenses he/she has incurred but also for his/her pain, suffering and loss of amenities. No matter what, damage caused as a result of personal injury can result in compensation.

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