Cypriot Tort Law

The lawyer of our office, Christiana Markou has written a monograph with Achilles Emilianides on Tort Law published by Kluwer.

The book consists of an extensive analysis of Cypriot tort law. It is the first time that a comprehensive monograph about Cypriot tort law has been published in the English language.

Largely based on the English common law, Cypriot tort law has been codified in statutory legislation but is supplemented by the application of common law rules. The Cypriot courts have relied to a large extent on the development of the English case law in order to develop their own case law. The authors’ experience as both academics and practising advocates, as well as their experience in lecturing in both English and Cypriot tort law, has been instrumental in the completion of this volume (extract from the Preface).

For more information about the book, you can visit the relevant web page of the publisher here:

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