Tourism Law in Europe and Latin America

On 23rd October of 2020, the Lawyer of our office Vasilis P. Antoniou participated in the International Web Conference on “Tourism Law in Europe and Latin America”. The conference was attended by a large number of speakers from EU Member States, as well as from Latin America, who analysed various aspects of the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Law in their countries.

Vasilis Antoniou, presented the legal framework of the Hotel-keepers strict liability, concerning the property of their guests in Cyprus and the EU. He briefly analysed the EU convention which regulates this issue and he also presented the Cypriot legal framework which ratifies and also includes the basic principles of the above convention, as well as the relevant Cypriot case law. Finally, he also participated in a live debate with speakers from other EU member states in which they briefly discussed issues arising nowadays due to COVID-19 pandemic, which has a serious impact both to the consumers and to all of the stakeholders of the tourism industry (airlines, travel agents etc.)

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